I'm a freelancer and former university science writer with more than 20 years of experience helping the public understand science, and scientists from different disciplines understand each other. To me, the most rewarding story to write is one that helps researchers discover new opportunities for collaboration.

My work falls into three main categories: traditional journalism, traditional PR, and a growing hybrid area that I like to call "journalism-adjacent." (Hey, it's a little better than "sorta journalism" and way better than "not journalism." Whatever.)


Public/media Relations

News releases I've written for The Ohio State University 


Feature stories for university magazines, scientific societies, and commercial magazines such as New Scientist



Sponsored content, native advertising, white papers, and book reviews

One university's story of using reddit to promote research


In this presentation from ScienceWriters 2016, I explain the basics of communicating science on reddit—everything from how to share institutional news releases to having researchers perform reddit AMAs. Here's a PDF of my PowerPoint and a summary of the talk. The reddit science moderators have also created a submission guide that is absolutely vital to success.



I've been privileged to write for a wide variety of publications.