While most of my freelancing involves writing features and profiles for nonprofits (such as universities and scientific societies), I've written newsstand magazine pieces as well. 


Roar power

Humans like the sound of cars that go "vroom-vroom" -- a fact that has consequences for the Formula E all-electric racing series.

Natural Selection

Plants and animals have a lot to teach us about efficiency. For advances from new materials to more efficient industrial processes, researchers are getting their inspiration from the flowers and the bees.



A clever strategy to combat free riding

In any collaboration, the temptation to slack off is strong. Mathematics confronts the problem of freeloading in the workplace, with surprising results.


Vortex Drive - New Scientist

A clever strategy to combat free riding - Kellogg Insight

Complementary & Alternative Medicine - Chemistry (American Chemical Society)

Cosmic Quest - Ohio State Alumni Magazine

Computing in biological time - CiSE

Digital detectives reveal art forgeries - CiSE

Digital libraries come of age - CiSE

Not just for the birds: Archiving massive data sets - CiSE

Physics experiment could spawn permanent computing grid - CiSE

Modeling El Niño: A force behind world weather - CiSE

The Googling of astronomy - CiSE

Grid computing yields earthquake forecast - CiSE

Hurricane forecasting: reducing future losses - CiSE

En route to artificial intelligence, software learns language - CiSE

Launch vehicle - Dayton Engineer

Computing Life's Family Tree - CiSE

Universal understanding - Ohio State Alumni Magazine

3DESS: A search engine enters the third dimension - IEEE Computing in Science & Engineering (CiSE)   

Medical software has astronomers seeing stars - CiSE

A dark universe like our own - CiSE

Building better search engines - CiSE

Modeling a magnetic moon - CiSE

Multicore processors for science and engineering - CiSE

Neural networks show promise for machine vision - CiSE

Coming soon: Research in a cloud - CiSE

Computer vision, inspired by the human brain - CiSE

Simulating sprawl - CiSE

Sizing up smart dust - CiSE

Simulated bite marks - CiSE

TOP7: From computer-aided design, a new protein - CiSE

Toumai: Reverse-engineering a human ancestor - CiSE

Where have all the comets gone? - CiSE

Computational epidemiology: Modeling the human equation - CiSE

Balancing video game piracy issues - IEEE Security & Privacy

Waves of depression - Physical Review Focus

Bucky diamonds in the rough - Physical Review Focus

A nanoscale tractor beam - Physical Review Focus

Filter physics - Physical Review Focus

Channeling, via fire and ice - Physical Review Focus

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